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We Are Leo is the EPIC choice for fun, interactive, Christ-centered events. Traveling with full production, lights and sound at a reasonable price, We Are Leo delievers a near unbeatable value.


What People are saying…


"We've had We Are Leo at Love Church multiple times.  Their energy and excellence on stage is incredible, but more importantly their heart for Jesus is genuine and passionate. I thank God for the friendship we've developed over the years."

-Todd Doxon


“What I love most about We Are Leo is their heart to serve.  I was so impressed with their music, as well as their character off-stage."

-Dillon Deitz    Student Director    FRESH LIFE CHURCH   Kalispell MT



“I am a fan of We Are Leo because of the emotion and passion for God.”  - John Cooper of SKILLET


"When I meet a band like We Are Leo making fun upbeat pop, and see them trying to live based on the Word of God and infuse their music with Scripture, I want as many people to hear about them as possible."

Kevin Davis,


" After seeing them in concert, We Are Leo's story makes people know that they are loved and helps them not give up"  

- King Cline




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