"We Are Leo is music for “Life in Motion.” With songs about life, love, faith, and hope. It is music for the dreamers, the artists, and the hopeful souls searching for a genuine, redemptive, human existence."
- David Duffield

WE ARE LEO is an American Christian pop rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Their members include frontman David Duffield, Guitarist Doug Weier & Drummer Josh Sentner.

We Are Leo was founded in Kenosha, WI 10 years ago, where David Duffield attended the Living Light School of Worship. He later went on to meet Doug Weier and Josh Sentner (who also attended the School of Worship) and create what is now the group We Are Leo. While working mornings at Starbucks, they built up a small following playing at local youth groups. They were soon discovered by Ben Kasica of Skillet who signed them to their first record deal, producing their debut studio effort, “Hello,” which featured a #1 Billboard Christian Rock Song Supernova Sunrise. Following “Hello” the band signed with Dream Records and released their second album, “Fightback Soundtrack.”

Now after 12 months, working in 4 studios with 5 producers, We Are Leo has surfaced with a new record: The Rush & The Roar (2017 Dream Records). Born out of a love for music, and an obvious love for Jesus, this record is quickly standing out. Tracks like Astronaut, CRZY AWSM & Low Key highlight the band’s ability to share joy, while songs like Warrior, 61/ Twenty-Three and The Rush & The Roar offer insight into the band’s experience of a genuine, redemptive faith. This record celebrates beauty and joy. It hints at pain, deeply felt and is a road-map of how this band has come through the hard times to find true hope.

I am a fan of We Are Leo because of the emotion and passion for God. It’s fun music that means something.
— John Cooper (Skillet)
We Are Leo’s catchy pop prowess is still on display. Especially on tracks like “Dimensions,” “CRZY AWSM,” and “The Way That I Feel Now.”
— CCMMagazine.com
We Are Leo’s 3rd studio album is a creatively upbeat take on pop, dance and rock & roll.”
— Breathecast.com



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